Sunday, July 21, 2013

When Rocks Speak

By Madison Grace Lovewith
I always marvel at the beautiful world around me.  When I quiet my thoughts and feel appreciation for the abundance of life around me, I can really connect with the idea that God/the Universe is always trying to get my attention.  I begin to feel the interconnection between myself and my world.  Eckhart Tolle in his book, A New Earth, talks about living in the Present moment and connecting with nature.  To feel this connection, you remove the labels and words that block our natural synergy and just appreciate nature for what it is.  See and love the flowers without stating so.  Hear and really listen to the birds, without the labels and appreciate the beauty that they have to offer you.  Love and enjoy the vibrancy of the plants.  Every living thing has something of beauty to give.   
Recently, on Day 30 of my 30-days of fun challenge, I had the opportunity for the first time to visit some caverns, caves which are considered to be active and still alive.  When I entered the caverns, it was remarkable to see the beauty that Nature created over eons and eons of time.  The cave is made up of deposits of limestone over what was once a seabed millions of years ago.  When I embraced Gratitude for the caverns, I could feel the energy of the limestone, which came in quite notable shapes and sizes.  It was like the cave had a tale of its own to share with visitors, if we would only take the time to appreciate and listen.

Despite the 90 degree weather we were experiencing outside the caverns, the caverns themselves were cool and damp.  The tour guides informed us that the drippy water streams throughout the caves were indicative of formations that were still alive.  This aliveness meant that they were still forming and creating.  It was said that the living rocks grew an inch every 120 years.  It was something to imagine that the rocks were alive and still forming.  And I could definitely feel the aliveness inside the caves.  At first I was hesitant about going on the tour, as I can be a little claustrophobic. But I then realized that I shouldn’t allow fear to hinder the gift of love that Gratitude wanted to share with me.  The tour of the caverns was over an hour, and throughout the tour, I enjoyed the timelessness and peace flowing from these ancient caves.  When you think about the antiquity of the rocks, it makes the problems that we worry about day-to-day seem so small and insignificant.  The rock formations spoke of love and peace, something that as humans when we’re being who we truly are, all share with our natural world. 

Interestingly, a few of us on the tour noticed a rock formation that looked like a little Buddha.  It was quite a pleasant surprise to see that and to notice some of the other interesting rock formations that Nature made.  It reminded me a little of cloud formations and how Nature spoke and provided stories through the clouds.  Do you ever listen?  What do you do when Nature speaks?


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