Monday, May 20, 2013

Gratitude’s Works on the Job

Last year, Gratitude blessed me with my ideal job.  After two years of interviewing and hoping without results, Gratitude delivered me four job offers in the span of only months.  It only took me using the power of Gratitude to pave the way for the job that is perfect for me.

So I’ve been on my job now for eight months, and I love it.  I love that I’m doing work that I enjoy.  I’m grateful that the work environment is more relaxed and inviting.  I love it that my coworkers are a pleasure to work with and that my management have been great as well.  I can’t begin to explain the appreciation that I have for the flexible work hours that provides a healthy life/work balance.

There’s a caveat to my perfect job that I’ve been working with Gratitude to help me overcome.  My organization over the past odd months have been experiencing some financial issues.  These issues have been passed down to affect employees in the form of pay cuts, which would have amounted to a 20% pay cut.  At first, I started to feel a wave of worry creep up, but I told myself, to focus on the loves I have for my job.  I kept affirming what I was grateful about my job and that I was grateful that everything would work out.  When friends would bring the subject up, I would say that I was grateful that I was employed because a pay cut is a blessing compared to layoffs that others were experiencing.  I was told to “face reality,” but I kept my steadfastness on Gratitude.  It doesn’t matter what my physical “reality,” is showing, if I do my part in keeping my mind focused on Gratitude and the good in my life, Gratitude will do its part.

A day or so later, after I took a stance to not entertain the “dooms day” mentality that so many of my friends and comrades held, leadership announced financial improvements.  The pay cuts were declared to be reduced.  It was like magic that I saw the power of Gratitude in action.

And then again, more recently, it was announced that the pay cuts were being reduced again.  Now, the pay cuts have been reduced by 50% from the initial forecasts.  I’m so grateful.  It does my heart so good to see the love, care and protection that Gratitude provides, when you allow her gifts in your life.

The financial issues are improving, and I expect that very soon, more pay cut reductions will be announced until the situation has been completely resolved. 

What I have learned from personal experience in living with Gratitude, is that you have to be grateful for the desires of your heart before you see them in your life.  Many people don’t understand this concept, but it is so important. 

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.—Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)

Spirit values faith, and good works in your life require faith in Gratitude and Love to work things out.  In church yesterday, the choir sang a beautiful song that said, “I See God’s Grace through the Eyes of Faith.”  It is the way to seeing the resolution to so many things that may pop up in our lives.  When we let go—let go of the worries and need to control outcomes—then we can allow Gratitude to take charge.  And take charge she will!       

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  



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