Monday, August 26, 2013

Gratitude Pays

By Madison Grace Lovewith

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Today is the first pay period that I’ll be back to my full salary.  I am so grateful.  My organization found the money it needs to pay its employees their normal pay for the time being.  The 20% pay cut status has been reduced by a month and a half.  I’m so grateful for that.  I know that God’s hands were in the situation, and he pulled us through.  There are still challenges ahead but with my affirming and believing that everything will work out, it will.

I saw the work of Gratitude in the lives of some of my coworkers as well.  About a month or so ago, one of the guys who attend our weekly bible study had to say his farewells because the company that he worked for lost the contract to continue supporting our organization.  I was sad to see him go because he always contributes some passionate and enlightening experiences during our bible study.  His words have always been encouraging and full of love.  So when I learned that he was back on the job, I was thrilled.  Apparently, he is back in his old position, supporting our organization, only this time with a new company.  Everything worked out.  His works of encouragement to his situation was that even when things seem bleak and aren’t working out the way you want, just know who is in charge.  Put your trust in God/the Universe.

There are other areas of my life that are working out.  I’m dealing with some challenges with the rental property that I have, but again, Gratitude has found a way to make things happen.  Again, after being behind in the rent, the tenant has not only paid the back rent, but has paid a month in advance to show his good faith in keeping up with the rents.  I’m so grateful for that because it gives me encouragement and peace of mind.  I’m so grateful for that peace of mind.  And I’m grateful that Gratitude is helping me to keep my thoughts in alignment with gratitude and love, so that I can continue to see the blessings that she has in store for me.

Whatever your financial situations maybe, focus on what's working, the abundance in your life.  When worry and thoughts of lack creep up, pivot those thoughts with Gratitude.  When those thoughts come up, and the only good thing that you can think of is “Thank you,” then just say thank you.  Remember that light drives out the darkness.  If all you can say is thank you when the dark thoughts pop up, that will shed some love into the situation.     


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